CDPHA Bulletin

The CDPHA Bulletin, published annually by the Helena Antipoff Documentation and Research Center (CDPHA) since 1981, is registered under the ISSN 1806-1931 (International Standard Serial Number) as a periodic publication. With a circulation of 500 copies, the Bulletin is distributed to CDPHA members and participants in the Helena Antipoff Annual Meetings and, in exchange, to libraries and scientific institutions through the Library of the School of Education of the Federal University of Minas Gerais.

It is the main body for publicizing the activities of the Helena Antipoff Documentation and Research Center and has been published regularly by CDPHA since its foundation. The first copy dates from 1981, and features the works presented at the 1st Helena Antipoff Annual Meeting, held that year, with the aim of gathering a set of testimonies about Helena Antipoff’s work. Since then, the Bulletins have been published at each event, publicizing the works presented and the achievements of CDPHA.

With the expansion of activities and contributions presented at our events, it became necessary to inaugurate a new publication, aimed at disseminating the complete articles of the presentations. The new publication is being edited with selected texts from conferences and papers presented at the Annual Meetings, and is entitled Helena Antipoff Annual Meetings Collection.

CDPHA Bulletin 2019 – Nº 29

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CDPHA Bulletin 2016 – Nº 26

CDPHA Bulletin 2009 – Nº 21

CDPHA Bulletin 2008 – Nº 20

CDPHA Bulletin 2006 – Nº 19

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