Helena Antipoff Collected Works

Volume I – Experimental Psychology – First volume of the Collection, composed predominantly of texts published by Helena Antipoff in her early years in Brazil. The themes are clearly related to the work she did at the School for the Improvement of Teachers, in Belo Horizonte: the teaching of psychology and techniques for the knowledge of the child’s intelligence, the organization of classes in public schools and the planning of teaching activities for children. according to the principles of Escola Nova.

Volume II – Fundamentals of Education – Presents texts written by Helena Antipoff between the 1930s and the 1970s. These writings address a variety of topics related to education, learning and the development of children and adolescents. Psychology is considered a fundamental science for education and the rights of children are emphasized.

Volume III – Education of the Exceptional – Gathers texts by Helena Antipoff on the education of children with disabilities. The texts were produced throughout her career in Brazil, from the 1930s, until the 1940s. Subjects such as the homogenization of classes, the diagnosis of children with disabilities (exceptional, in terms of the time), educational activities for children with different types of disabilities and the experiences of Sociedade Pestalozzi, Instituto Pestalozzi and Fazenda do Rosário, institutions created by the author for the care of children with disabilities.

Volume IV – Rural Education – the volume gathers articles written between the 1940s and the 1970s, dealing with different aspects of the pedagogy for rural education developed by Helena Antipoff, inpired in active school methods, with an emphasis on the relationship between theory and practice. Themes such as the organization of institutions for the education of teachers in rural areas, pedagogical activities recomended for rural schools (the use of journals, art education, arts and crafts in pedagogical workshops), the teaching of agricultural actvities and of techniques for the administrtion of rural properties, recomendations concerning the care for the environment, organization of the rural community are addressed.

Volume V – The Gifted Education – Composed predominantly of texts produced by Helena Antipoff in the 1970s. The texts deal with the issue of the gifted child in general and / or present the author’s experiences in the diagnosis and education of these children , especially in the context of the ADAV (Associação Milton Campos for the Development of Vocations).