CDPHA – The Helena Antipoff Center for Documentation and Research is a non-profit organizationfoundedon March 25, 1980 by a group of people interested in preserving the memorabiliaand legacy of the psychologist and educator Helena Antipoff (1892-1974),conducting research into the history and current developments in psychology and the educational sciences, and promoting events that bring together students, researchers and professionals focused on the discussion of relevant topics in these areas, from historical and contemporary perspectives.

The CDPHA Board is elected by the Members’ Assembly every two years, with the possibility of reappointment. The directors of the institutions created by Helena Antipoff in Minas Gerais sit on the Board: the current Presidents of the Helena Antipoff Foundation, the Pestalozzi Association of Minas Gerais, ADAV – Milton Campos Association for the Gifted and ACORDA – The Rosário Community Association.

Among the activities undertaken byCDPHA, since its foundation, we highlight the holding of the Helena Antipoff Annual Meetings, the publication of the CDPHA Bulletin and the Collection of the Transactions of the Helena Antipoff Annual Meetings. The CDPHA Board of Directors cares for the collection of documents that belonged to Helena Antipoff in two sections: one at the Helena Antipoff  State Foundation and another at the Helena Antipoff Room / Central Library of the Federal University of Minas Gerais.